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Luminor economists forecast Lithuania’s economy to slow down in 2019, however the year will be good for reforms

Luminor economists forecast economy to grow at 2.7% next year in Lithuania, as external economic environment is expected to deteriorate. The GDP growth will be detained by increasingly active seismic zones in global macroeconomic landscape. Economists suggest that in the eve of cyclical slowdown, three ideas could help to prepare for slowdown, a press release from Luminor states. […]


A growing number of Balts are struggling with debt despite the growing economy

In the wake of a long period of economic growth, savings have gone up – but so has indebtedness. A growing number of people are struggling: every fifth European needs to borrow in order to pay bills. That group has increased from 15% three years ago to 20% this year. In the Baltics, the situation differs from country to country. Every third Latvian has borrowed money to pay bills. In Lithuania, the situation is comparable to the EU average (19%), while in Estonia the numbers are relatively low and only 12% of consumers have borrowed money in the last 12 months in order to pay bills. […]


Experts call for allowing asylum seekers to work in Lithuania

Asylum seekers are not allowed to take up jobs or start businesses in Lithuania until they have been granted temporary or permanent residence, but international and some local experts say that changing the rules would benefit the economy and refugee integration, the daily Lietuvos Žinios reported on Thursday. […]

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Economists: Lithuania has not been this well off for hundreds of years

If we were to measure quality of life based on GDP per capita, Lithuanians would have nothing to complain about. At least this is what economists from the bank Luminor state in their newest review […]


Latvians release their newest wages forcasts – how Lithuania stacks up

A thousand euro sounds solid. That is how much politicians promised prior to the Seimas elections and this is how much the Latvians declared they would reach by 2020. However Lithuanian economists are optimistic, Lithuania […]

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Will the “Peasants” keep their promises to voters?

According to the data of early surveys, Ramūnas KarbauskisPeasant and Greens Union’s popularity could have jumped up to 28% after the elections. Such a jump in ratings means significant expectations from the public toward the party. The party leaders promised faster increases in income, fighting emigration, moving ministries and many other potentially costly initiatives, but the economy could grow slower than expected next year. How will the “Peasants” manage to uphold their campaign promises and how strong will the fascination of society with the party prove to be? […]


Could the Baltic States collapse without the EU funds?

Promises made by prospective members of the new Seimas to increase people’s income will need to be realised by the time their terms ends in 2020. That’s when the 2014 – 2020 period of European […]