Carl Gershman at the Ideas for Lithuania conference

Lithuania’s pivotal role in the struggle for democracy

What an extraordinary thing Lithuania is doing – the initiation of a process of national awakening and democratic renewal at a time when Lithuania’s national consciousness is already awake and your democracy is vibrant, forward-looking, […]

Andrius Kubilius

W. Europe needed a Marshall plan in 1947. In 2017 Marshall plan is needed for Ukraine

In 1947, following his return to Washington after the negotiations with Stalin and Molotov in Moscow, George Marshall, the famous US military leader and post-war Secretary of State, saw the need to promote economic recovery in Western Europe destroyed by war. This was seen as a stabilising factor and the only way to halt Stalin’s ambitions of expanding his political dominance to Western Europe. […]

Sergey Shmakov

Backing separatists in Eastern Ukraine means acting against Lithuania

The Lithuanian State Security Department‘s director says that those who support separatists in Eastern Ukraine are acting against Lithuania and Western values. […]

Training in Ukraine

Lithuania urges both sides cease fire in East Ukraine

After fighting between Ukraine’s governmental forces and Russian-supported separatists escalated in Eastern Ukraine on Tuesday, Lithuania’s Foreign Ministry urged both sides to cease fire. […]


Ukrainian kids leave for home after a year in Lithuania

Fourteen schoolchildren from the war-hit regions of Luhansk and Donetsk, left for Ukraine on Tuesday after spending a year in Lithuania.

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