The era of ideas and programming is over. Social media posts are taking over

Is there really a necessity for early parliament elections? There is and there is not. The important thing here is what happens after. None of the existing political groups (the word “party” shouldn’t be used […]

H. E. Ambassador Volodymyr Yatsenkivskyi at the National Library
Central/Eastern Europe

Interview with Ukrainian Ambassador: the Baltic Way showed that you will win

On August 23 the Baltic States celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way human chain which stretched from Vilnius to Tallinn and on August 24 Ukraine celebrates its Independence Day.  H. E. Volodymyr Yatsenkivskyi, […]

School books of the Lithuanian language

Scientifically proved: Lithuanian language is the richest in sounds

Different languages use different numbers of discrete sounds, called phonemes. Two phonemes are considered to be different when a native speaker pronounces them differently. Lithuanian language is the richest in sounds, and this is scientifically proven. […]


Average annual inflation remains steady at 2.4%

Due to the summer sales, monthly prices have decreased by 0.3% in July, whereas annual inflation remained steady for the sixth month in a row and stood at 2.4%. Prices of goods were 1.9% higher […]