Saulius Meilutis

Lithuania’s star swimmer’s father stuns Gay League with letter

The Lithuanian Gay League invited swimmer Rūta Meilutytė to march in the Baltic Pride event in Vilnius this year, but received an unexpected answer from her father Saulius Meilutis. […]

Troll warning

Opinion: Putin the troll

Tolkienites would say that trolls are creatures originated from stone and that they lurk in dark caves and gloomy forests, that they’re the scivies of evil forces that inhabit the Middle Earth. They’re big and vicious and form the forefront of Lord Mordor’s army, always ready to be the first to get into a fight. Daylight gets rid of trolls, because when exposed to it they turn to stone. But the trolls I want to talk about are not from J R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings universe. […]

Donatas (left) and Artūras

How do people in Vilnius react to two guys holding hands?

Two guys holding hands in Moscow and Kiev – participants of a recent social experiment aimed at testing Russians’ and Ukrainians’ attitudes towards gay people – have not been received kindly. DELFI has repeated the test in the capital of Lithuania. […]

Sign of a changing America   Photo Ludo Segers

A very good week for President Obama

On Friday morning whilst he was preparing the eulogy for the nine murdered black people in Charleston, South Carolina, United States President Barack Obama received the last piece of good news in a week that had plenty to celebrate for the White House administration. Shortly after the the Supreme Court announcing marriage equality, President Obama issued a statement. “It’s been a significant morning. It’s been a significant couple of days. And it’s certainly been a significant month.” […]