Warsaw str. sign in Polish in Vilnius

Proposed Ethnic Minority Law – respect to minorities or spreading chaos?

The proposed National Minority Law can be viewed as a hybrid warfare styled project, whose goal is to cause chaos and disintegration in the state, MP Audronius Ažubalis and linguist Antanas Smetona tell LRT Radio. […]

Waldemar Tomaszewski

On attempts to dismantl Tomaszewski‘s monopoly on ethnic minorities

A part of members of Seimas are considering the possibility to reduce the vote requirement for parties based on ethnic minorities. According to one of the idea‘s backers Andrius Kubilius of the Conservatives, this would […]

Elections to the Seimas 2016

ELECTIONS. Fiercest 2nd round showdowns: expert predictions

The first round of Seimas elections in the single-mandate electoral districts only elected three members of Seimas. The remaining 68 districts will be voting on October 23 in a second round. It will feature the two candidates with the highest vote count in each district. […]

The Government's Hour at the Seimas

ELECTIONS. The most likely coalition governments after elections

With only a couple of weeks remaining to the Seimas elections, the electoral campaigning isn‘t the only thing to reach a fevered peak, so are the calculations and debates on who will form the coalition […]