Agnė Širinskienė

Thanks to Širinskienė “Farmer” party shaking from fratricidal conflict

The example set by Seimas Legal Affairs Committee head Agnė Širinskienė to settle accounts with her own by employing the ethics watchdogs has become infectious – two “Farmer” medics have clashed. A. Širinskienė ’s attempt […]


Rasa Čepaitienė: The Nighttime Politics of History (An answer to A. Nikžentaitis)

In his article, Alvydas Nikžentaitis (a Lithuanian historian recently appointed as the director of the Lithuanian Institute of History – ed.) starts with a review of key trends based on a short period of Lithuanian […]

Johnny Podres
Global LT

Baseball player Johnny Podres and his Lithuanian heritage

Unknown to most, famous baseball player Johnny Podres (1932-2008) had close ancestral ties with Lithuania. Both of his maternal grandparents were born in Dzūkija region, nearby Alytus. While Johnny Podres spoke little to no Lithuanian […]

Virginijus Sinkevičius @
European Union

The vision of a digital native: who is Lithuania’s ruling party’s preferred candidate to become EU commissioner?

Appointed at the end of 2017 Virginijus Sinkevičius became the first Minister in the history of Lithuania born after re-establishment of Independence. He also quickly became one of the most popular ministers in the country. […]