European Union flag raising ceremony in Vilnius

Economists evaluate the EU stimulus plan – what Lithuania has lost out on

Already a few weeks ago, from moods in the financial markets, it could be predicted that the EU stimulus plan will be approved. Just there were questions on its nuances: how much funding will be […]

Nerijus Mačiulis

Wage growth in Lithuania, is it a sprint or a marathon?

In Q1 this year, the average monthly gross income was 9.4% higher than a year ago. Wage growth in Lithuania looks even more impressive is net wage growth – due to the reduced tax burden, […]


EU funding paradox: Lithuania is not rich, but cheap and will thus get less

So far, Lithuania has been one of the European Union member states, which received more than it paid into the common budget. This situation should continue in the next financial cycle, however after it, Lithuania’s […]

Trucks on the Belarussian border

Benefits to Lithuania in the EU-Russian economic war

Lithuanians have adapted well to the European Union‘s economic sanctions on Russia and its retaliatory bans on European imports. Though the export of Lithuanian origin goods to Russia has almost halved since the Crimean annexation […]